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Our mission




Our mission is to elevate public discourse in Africa and the internet about the possible futures which face humanity .


The Singularity Institute Africa is a research institute which seeks to increase public understand of progress, social engineering, advanced persuasive technology, and the future of civilization from a techno-progressive perspective. We have particular interest in the history, present and future of swarm, synthetic and collective intelligence.

The founder and owner of Singularity Institute Africa is Dr Kwame Amuah, who also is the director and owner of OSR holdings.


Kwame Amuah serves as Non-Executive Director of Eastland Medical Systems South Africa Pty Ltd. Dr. Amuah has wide experience in business and international affairs. He was special advisor to the Minister for Science and Technology and represented the Govt. of South Africa on the United Nations sponsored conferences and served on the United Nations technical and scientific committee. Dr. Amuah is the Son In Law of Mr. Nelson Mandela.


At the singularity institute, In addition to writing articles and publications which will help increase public awareness of big picture issues, we are running some grand experiments in how people can work together. If you join us early, you will learn what we learn from these experiments and improve your competence in managing teams. Available roles are that of the C-level officers, Operations Officers, Project managers, Futurists, Social Engineers, Editorial Assistants and brain stormers (Ideators).


Patterns of Progress



The Singularity Institute is in the midst of creating a reference book called patterns of progress which will be preserved and revised annually for future civilizations. You can become one of our authors and write your name in history itself.




Embedded within the Singularity Institute Africa is a futurist professional society. This is a new association in which Futurists can collaboratively improve their skills, build their portfolios, share ideas and network with others who are in the profession. 



Project Process

The manner in which we will fulfill our mission is by writing essays, articles and other publications using swarm writing methods and processes. We will then strategically spread these publications across the internet in a way that maximizes social sharing. We will also research and reserve more comprehensive publications for our members.



Week 1

  • ask to join the Singularity Institute Africa at Facebook Workplace and download the app
  • Contact us on our Facebook page so that we can begin corresponding with you.
  • Register at the singularityinstituteafrica.com via the working members  plan.
  • Respond to your invitations to google docs.



Mailing lists

Join the contact bureau. If you join this mailing list, we will periodically send a portion of the community mailing list so that you can send useful newsletters to your fellow members and others who sign up to the mailing list.


Glossary of terms

Swarm Intelligence: Swarm Intelligence is intelligence which emerges out of self organizing, decentralized systems. An example of swarm intelligence is that which is exhibited in bird flocks, ant swarms,  bee hives.

Swarm Robotics: Swarm Intelligence exhibited in groups of robots.

Swarm Writing: Humans working together in large groups to short delivery time on written works using collective intelligence techniques.

Swarm Prediction: Swarm Intelligence applied to the prediction of future events.

Collective Intelligence: An emergent effect which can arise from the synergistic interactions of individuals within a group, crowd or swarm.

Alternative Intelligence: Human level (or above) Intelligence which arises from processes, artifacts or organisms which are not based in individual human brains.

Technological Singularity: A future time period of unprecedented economic productivity as a result of advances in alternative intelligence technologies (e.g. Swarm Intelligence, Computational Creativity). Within this time period, every aspect of the human condition will be radically altered.

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